Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Hand, Strap, Hand"

As the title suggest my next spanking began with Tony's firm hand but then he took off his belt and gave me a lengthy strapping across my bottom and thighs. The strap stung soooo bad that I had to beg him to stop. He stopped alright but only to finish up with his hand once more! Below are many photos of this particular spanking and as usual I am across Tony's lap with my panties pulled down and my bare bottom exposed for you my dear readers to see and of course enjoy. I want to also take this opportunity to thank all those who left comments on my Lurkers post and for those of you who continue to lurk there will be many more post of yours truly getting her bare bottom spanked for you to all enjoy. XoXo 

My pouty face.

Still pouting

Now I'm going to get it!

That's it?... Not quite!

Now time for a Texas strapping.

Panties come down once more.

Bottom and thighs are well welted!

Tears are brought to my eyes but he still continues with his hand once more.

Sporting a well spanked bottom.


Njspank said...

Love the dress, panty and shoes and loved the spanking, well deserved.

Baxter said...

that is a very spankable bottom and deserving as well. Good job.

Robert Stephens said...

Sweet... I love an over the knee strapping!

Anonymous said...

Veronica what did you do to earn your big spanks from Tony///love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

My hubby and me so love your spankable bum Veronica ! :-)
I love getting the strap from my hubby - it was an implement I did not receive during corporal punishment from my mom (or dad) in my childhood. So I am making up for lost time already ! :-)

For my lil' girlfriends growing up, back in in our Church group (and neighborhood) in 1960s Georgia, a strap to the bare ass was a common punishment regarding fathers/daughters. CP was common in most households among my peers. We girls gotten to talk about it regularly. And we compared notes...and implements, and experiences of our parental spankings.

I was fascinated by "spanking implements" from the earliest age, not just what I gotten on my bare bum from mom, but learning what my friends in our princess gang gotten too. The strap was common. But my mother did not like the strap. She preferred a "Biblical", flexible rattan switch. Mom gotten punished with a switch-cane from her mother, our Grandma, (across her bare backside !) back as a lil' girl in the 1930s ! And so the tradition of the switch - "the rod" - was handed down to her daughters, GULP: my sister and me ! I first gotten it at age 8. It was terrible !

Dad was away so this lil' flexixle rattan switch lived in the cupboard to keep the peace and daughters well-behaved ! Mom always punished on bare skin with our pretty dresses hoisted and our lil' cotton white underwear pulled down to our knees !! :-(

Oh my, that thin lil' whippy cane sure stung on my bare white botty Veronica. Quite right too. It was supposed to. I deserved it. And those switchings sure licked me and my sister into shape (I'm in my late 50s now). Strict, loving CP moms know best Veronica !!!

But yes, when I met my hubby, I could experience the leather strap. A whuppin' through choice, not through my mom's punishment and scolding !!
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx