Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

Too funny....

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Anonymous said...

Animation is so cute Veronica. And so strict too. Mommy knows best for a naughty daughter. Bare botty too - as it should be Veronica ! Realistic and no need for PC ! I love the shorts and white panties down and the resounding smacks. It's cute and modern but harks back to strict, Southern traditions which I follow.

We Southern girls are open about our spankings Veronica. I am now in my 50s and grew up in Georgia watching Ol' fashioned original Disney cartoons and others, where bare bottom spankings (or implied bare bottoms) were just normal. Quite right too !!!
For my sister and me, all parental spankings were on our bare botties, and Oh my, mother "did not spare the rod", so we gotten a whippy, rattan switch with our panties pulled down...not her hand ! It was so strict already.

My girl friends gotten spankings on bare behinds too. It was normal.
The Funnies is funny ! That is my mom ha-ha. No Veronica, she never did smack my girl friends (even though other moms gave permission)
But all the moms did constantly talk about spanking we princesses at their coffee mornings in the 1960s. They talked about paddles, and hairbrushes, switches and spanky-sticks. One coffee morning at our house, mommy once showed the other moms the botty smacker - the flexible rattan switch in the cupboard. Gulp ! :-(

Veronica, I so recall it being scary and cringing, but also cute and exciting. Mom said how her naughty lil' Brenda would get the "rod of correction" on her bare white backside over mom's knee or bending over the sofa with her shorts and panties around her knees. My lil' princess friends were scared Veronica ! Oh my, the other moms approved - good and proper bare botty whuppin's were applauded by moms in the Church community Veronica ! It's in our blood, as you know.

Like the second cartoon, I did see some of my girl friends get bare bottom spankings from their moms at home and in public. But my mother never spanked sister ad me in front of anyone (apart from Grandma and dad, obviously) Mom felt punishment should be in private....Oh my, especially as she always bared our bums for her lil' dreaded switchy-stick !!! I respect that kind, loving approach to essential "bottom smacking" discipline Veronica.
Naughty daughter and Strict Mommy Brenda xx