Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Girls having fun?

Well at least one is having fun. Xo


Anonymous said...

yes Veronica she is giving her friend big spanks on her botty ,love and spanks,Tim.

Njspank said...

Love this one, thanks

Anonymous said...

Strict, loving mom reddens the bottom of a naughty brat...

Veronica, bare red botties (stinging !) were an integral part of family life for me and my sister growing up. But we were always smacked in private, not in public.

I saw plenty of mommies pulling down shorts and panties of my naughty lil' girl friends and tanning chubby white bums to a shade of tomato in the park, or discretely in the mall. But my mother surprisingly didn't do this. Nor would she smack our bare legs in public either. Again, other moms frequently did this to our peers.

But oh my woe betide us when we got home Veronica. My mummy said that because we had not been smacked in public, then it was only appropriate and compensatory that we got our botties bared for a switchin' in the privacy of home. With mom in full control. No half -measures at all. Hands on head girls, cute canvas shorts and sensible cotton smalls heading south !

According to mother, there were many reasons why our lil' cotton panties always needed to come down. But feeling the dreaded whippy rattan cane on sensitive bare skin, and constantly fearing it on our bare-skinned backsides (Gulp !) was paramount. Bare botty meant we took it seriously Veronica

And mummy was absolutely right ! And in the late 1960s and early 70s, this no-nonsense approach from mommies was common in our strict, Atlanta communities. I'm not sure it was called no-nonsense back then. More described as "matter of fact " ! Oucheeeees!

A good, bare bottom whuppin' kept we naughty daughters well behaved, and made life easier for my exasperated mom (and pop too) Fair play to her old-fashioned, strict, loving ways of keeping discipline Veronica. !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx