Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons



Even cuter!!!


Njspank said...

Very cute, thanks

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,her little daughter has been naughty,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Naughty daughter over mom's knee captures the essence of the strict 1950s. A time we spankos revere ( in legend at least)
Look at mummy's expression - fab ! This is exactly how I was raised, and likewise for my friends. Spanking was integral to family values and community values in the 1960s.
Mommies didn't talk about real estate back then, but they did talk about smacked bottoms. !!
One coffee morning, I vividly remember mummy showing other moms the little thin rattan cane in the cupboard Gulp ! And heard her explaining how she always pulled my panties down so that it would sting properly on a bare botty! She was not embarrassed (I was cringing)...because it was considered normal !

And most of the other mommies were agreeing with her ! It was simply conventional wisdom - spanking was fundamental to domestic upbringing.
Veronica it seems incredible writing this today, but those type of events (usually involving my mum) had a big impact on my mindset...both at the time and obviously subsequently. Wonderful drawing of Kim Impossible and mummy. Thank you. Brenda x