Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

Spanking the maid.
Now that's one red bottom!


Anonymous said...

Why oh why did I never learn to read Japanese?


Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

wow her botty is blushing like a beacon,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Veronica...your wonderful blog is full of these fabulous, strict loving Japanese mothers (cartoon two) They so remind me of my stern mother, disciplining naughty daughters in a very firm fashion. On their bare botties it should be. And on my bare-skinned backside was certainly the only way I received the lil' cane from mother when I was a naughty lil' madam ! Very nasty sting but completely fair and harmless. Like the Japanese depictions,it was traditional, tough love in 1960s' Georgia !!! Wonderful artistic stuff...
Brenda xx