Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Social Snob"

"Veronica.... Why are you still sitting inside when all of my friends are outside asking for you?" Tony said in a firm but low voice. I just sat there refusing to acknowledge him or his stupid friends! After all I never invited them and I feel that I should not be the one to entertain them. Tony then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "if you don't go outside and socialize with my friends I promise that I will spank you with the hairbrush right this instant!"  I then went outside but when I saw his dumb fat friends and their ugly wives I turned up my nose, rolled my eyes and sat in the furthermost corner crossing my arms and pouting. I made no conversation or even eye contact with them. If he wants me out here with his friends then fine but he can't make me talk to them. I told him that I did not want his friends over during the weekend because I was not in the mood to entertain them. Besides they are all complete morons, you can't have any sort of intellectual conversation with any of them. "What's wrong with your wife dude, she looks pissed?" said one moron. "She looks like she has a stick up her butt!" said another moron. Tony then approached me and grabbed my arm and began to scold me. "So my wife wants to be a social snob... huh?! I have just the remedy for social snobs who think that they are better then everyone else!" Just that quick I was laying across Tony's lap..... SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I began to hear laughter along with jeers from his friends. It was a swift but hard spanking and after it was over Tony ordered me to stand in the corner in front of everyone as part of my punishment. Even though my bottom remained covered I was so embarrassed. For one hour I stood with my back toward them and then was ordered into the house and told not to come back out.... I guess my plan worked after all. XoXo 

Inside I sat until ordered to go outside.

I turned up my nose and rolled my eyes... what jerks!

I sat with my arms crossed not saying a word to anyone.

Tony scolds me like a child.

And spanks me in front of his friends.


How dare he spank me!

A princess shouldn't be spanked!

All I could hear was laughter and jeers.


After my spanking I was ordered to stand in the corner like a willful child.

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Anonymous said...

wonder if this is true story and really happen and you do get spanked in front of his friends

madison ohio