Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

Tanning his daughter's bottom!!! OUCH!


Njspank said...

Nice spanking here and wow, love the panty being wedged in for better access! Hot

Unknown said...

I totally agree this picture is HOT and so is your bottom. The view from the rear, seeing your legs kicking, a red bottom and your panties is like getting a up skirt look but with a red bottom as a bonus. The clothes are what do it for me and your dress actually looks like it fits you and looks good on you. The finishing touch is your high heels and knee socks.

Anonymous said...

Harmless and the only way on bare skin Veronica !
Yes, it is a father's job Veronica. And a mommy's job too ! For sure. Oh my !!!
Strict, kind, loving, care and guidance and good, proper, Ol' fashioned, traditional family values - that is how my sister and I were strictly raised in the 1960s. Spankings work Veronica ! My hubby agrees, although unlike me, he was not raised in a strict household.

Back in the day, my traditional mom taught me to understand that an unbearable stinging botty is harmless and stops you getting into trouble Veronica ! As you well know. And it stops mommies going crazy from their naughty lil' daughters already ! We daughters do need to learn on the bare "seat of learning" Veronica !

And yes, my mother always pulled our white cotton panties down (to our knees only, never off) )so that it would sting on a bare botty. And oh my, she eshcewed the paddles in the store, but used a thin, rattan switch so that it would sting even more. Good n proper ! No PC in Georgia in the 1960s Veronica. With my botty bare, I so feared the switch. And so felt the switch !! We called it "the hornets nest" Oh my :-(

Mother did not justify pulling down panties. It was not discussed. She just pulled them down without consideration and gotten to work on our sensitive bare botties with her Church-faith described "rod of correction". No nonsense Veronica ! My sister and I and our hubbies and families have discussed our spankings growing up in detail - and my mom (now in her 80s) would elaborate a lot more on why she bought the switch and why she always bared our naughty backsides ! Oh my, strict but appropriate and proper discussions Veronica.Both today and yesterday, in those 1960s !
I'm now a strict mommy in my 50s. Hugs and thanks
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx