Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's Spankable

The newlywed...time to teach her who the head of the house is.

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Anonymous said...

Like father, like hubby - the Bride's seat of learning !

Veronica, when her wayward misbehavior or attitude needed adjusting as a child at home, she feared and felt the harsh smack of her father's belt across the sensitive, fair skin of her bare backside. That was the punishment administered in the study. She was dressed in the clothes she was in, but with her panties pulled down for the spanking procedure. No half-measures or compromise were required for such a routine and necessary paternal sentence.

Her strong, gentle father was a wonderful, kind, loving but very strict, religious man who staunchly believed in corporal punishment for his two daughters. The Southern Strap was placed on a hook downstairs, ready for the bare skin on their bottoms, as a sharp reminder of traditional, family values, behavior and protocol.

And now, on her special Wedding Day, her new hubby must take over this realm of discipline and family order !
Sure does we naughty girls a good turn Veronica...forever :-)

Strict Mom Brenda xx