Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Spankable


Michael said...

Very spankable. Thanks, Veronica. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gonna get a switching !...who owns our soft bottoms Veronica ?

Poor botty ! Boo-Hoo. What a lovely soft botty Veronica - gonna feel mommy's rattan switch. And as a naughty daughter and strict mom, I know bare bottom spankings do need to happen Veronica. Part of growing up in a caring place !!!

But I have always found that I never actually owned my own bottom Veronica - first my parents in the 1960s would expose the sensitive, bare, lily-white skin on my backside for punishment when I was a naughty lil' one in the 1960s. I feared my Christian, home-maker mother's wooden spoon, hairbrush and mainly her flexible rattan switch (introduced at age 8) on my bare bum for years ! And then after several keen boyfriends :-)...I found that my sexy white hiney was then my hubby's property and he could also give me bare bottom punishment with a variety of implements (and joke about it with my mother already !!!)

Growing up in Georgia in 1960s, I vividly recall all those paddles in the store saying "for the little deer with the bear behind"....but was it not my behind Veronica ? I owned it ?
Why should it be "bear" ? Why should I be the "cute little deer" ?
I felt the Authorities could decide the fate of my very own tender botty ?....although unlike a paddle, at least my mom's rattan switch was far too thin to write "spare rod/spoil Brenda" on it ha-ha. Boo-Hoo !!!

Mother said my bottom had been provided by God and Nature for punishment ? why Veronica ? Punishment in front of God already !? So I gotten my bare botty whipped for lying and for misbehaving at Church and other naughty things (so did my younger sister) She also said our backsides would be bare and unclothed for bath times and bare and unclothed for spanking times ? Why Veronica ?

After escaping very strict home life and bare bottom spankings from my mother Veronica, I then gotten bare bottom spankings from boyfriends ! Is this fair ?

Veronica, who owns our tender girly bottoms ?

This naughty lil' missy in the photo, of the pale, super-soft botty is finding this out right now as mommy fetches my trusty, lil' switch....for lying at Church. Just as I gotten it back then ! Thwippy-thwip-thwip-thwippy-thwip- thwip....
Strict Mom Brenda in reflective mood xx