Monday, January 20, 2014

Love her expression

From one of my husband's old spanking magazines. When he finds out that I tore the page I too might be in the same predicament!


Anonymous said...

yes there used to be lot of spanky magazines available ,not so many now ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Strict Loving Mummy in black n white (and red !)...timeless Veronica!

My mom used to state that a good, smacked bottom did no harm, and a stinging bottom now was better than getting into trouble when we were older. So true a word Veronica - and my sister and I appreciated this with hindsight, although not at the time (late 1960s, early 1970s) when we were naughty lil' ones.

Of course mummy made darn sure our botties would sting firstly by smacking us with a whippy, rattan switch; and moreover, by always pulling our panties down so that we felt it on sensitive, bare skin. Yes, that was a no brainer Veronica, but I liked mommy's acute strictness combined with loving attentiveness to us. A switchin' stung like crazy, but was perfectly safe and harmless.

Over the decades, sister and I often asked mummy why she always pulled our panties down for a smacked bottom ? Of course, being an old-fashioned strict, purist, my mother did not understand the question. She thought the question and logic strange (how cute!)Indeed, why would she give us a whuppin' over clothes rather than on bare skin ? It was punishment and our lil' bottoms needed to sting to teach us a lesson. Her reasoning was cute, as well as fierce. And so in our house, mommy decreed that botties were bared firstly for bath times ...and secondly for mummy's spankings !! End of :-(

I loved her stern answers Veronica. I loved her uncompromising attitude and harsh, matter of fact approach....(although only in retrospect; and not when I was a naughty ten year old Veronica !)
Hugs and rubs, Brenda xx