Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My panties say it all!


Dr. Ken said...

I would say that the fact you're rubbing your bottom says it all!

Michael said...

Cute panties on an even cuter bum, Veronica. Season has some panties with writing across the seat. Things like "Spank Zone" "Brat" and "Heat for the Seat" with Heat outlined in flames. When I am feeling frisky and want to give her a sexy spanking I will leave out a pair while she is showering.
When she wants to play often she will wear a pair as a signal she wants a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Veronica yes yours do so its big spanks for you again ,love and spanks,Timx

Njspank said...

To me panties always say it all!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, I so love that iconic line, " no, I'm not spanking your panties young lady, because it was not your panties that misbehaved" !

My mummy upheld this strict belief wholeheartedly Veronica. She said similar lines when unfastening my shorts, raising my pretty dress, or taking hold of the waistband on my snuggy jammies. I loved her strict punishment least in retrospect....Gulp !

So naughty panties? For my sister and me in the 60s and 70s, our fairest, bare white botties being relieved of all protective coverings for a much feared visit from mommy's nasty little cane, was as normal and routine as bare botties at bath time. No difference as far as mother was concerned. Oucheeeees. Tough Love Veronica. But sadly, that was simply formal discipline in our strict Southern domestic upbringing!! Oh my, the nostalgia Veronica. Hugs Brenda x