Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday morning cartoon

Father's can only take but so much!

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Anonymous said...

A 1950s damsel in distress Veronica (top cartoon)
Yes, oh my, as a naughty lil' one in the 1960s, I would end up over father's knee like this drawing. But there were a few differences. My sister and I did not get spanked outside, somewhat surprising given our strict, traditional Southern upbringing. So yes, oh my, in the privacy of our home, my Southern belle dress would be raised and my traditional, Ol' fashioned (50s style) white cotton panties would be around my knees so that I could feel the full benefit of the hairbrush applied to the unprotected, alabaster-white skin on my tender bottom.

No wishy-washy half-measures prevailed for spankings when we were growing up - just strict family values, faith and our bare chubby botties ! My mother was far stricter than dad, and took charge of discipline and punishment from the word go. When were eight she got a flexible, thin, rattan switch which was kept very accessible in the cupboard. Gulp !
Our white, sensitve-skinned backsides were always completely bare to receive it too. Why bare botties Veronica? Mom said maximum sting, maximum safety, Church faith, tradition and mom meaning stern business determined this panties down rule ( she got it bare bum from Grandma too in the 1930s). Quite right too Veronica ! Yes, harsh times for me, a long time ago in the 1960s and 70s. But in fairness the ferocious sting was harmless. And PC was many years ahead ! Not that I acknowledged PC for spanking !!
Naughty Lil' Daughter Benda xx