Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

she is giving her daughter a sound spanking on her bare botty for bratiness .

Njspank said...

both are really cute, the second one erotic as well, thanks

Anonymous said...

Veronica - such a shame the lil' girl's jammies (in this lovey cartoon) are not pulled down to her knees by lovely mama, for Ol' fashioned, mommy-approved, skin treatment on a sensitive, bare botty !! Although the Cinema Spankings Blog on your Spanking Blogs (opposite) does have some cute and strict bare bottom spankings Veronica ! Notably from Japan and Italy.

I'm a very strict traditional mommy in my 50s, simply because I was very strictly raised in Georgia in the 1960s. Our house was very strict and Ol' fashioned. PC was light years away ! Oh my, Veronica, when I was naughty lil' one, I felt the harsh smack of a rattan cane across my bare bottom - aka the flexible, "switch" also known as the "rod" in my mother's traditional, Christian parlance.

This ferociously-stingy (on tender bare bums !!!) but also harmless, rattan, botty smacker lived in the downstairs cupboard - always accessible for mom to teach we lil' Southern girls a spontaneous lesson growing up. Oh my, Veronica ! No need to go and cut a green switch, like my girlfriends did !!

Spankings with this dreaded, lil' switch were such a lasting, permanent influence on my younger sister and me.... 1960s Southern domestic discipline Veronica !!
Strict Mommy and Naughty Lil' 1960s Brenda xx