Monday, February 10, 2014

Assume the position girls

You just know what happens next!


Enzo said...

Big fan of those instant cane holders ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,bigbig spanks on botties,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Do they know what happens next Veronica ? Will the stingy, harmless switchy-stick ("rod") will be applied to their tender bare sit-upons ?

Do you think these naughty lil' missies gotten good, proper spankings on their fairest, tender, bare backsides from mommy or daddy when they were naughty back in the day. Were they strictly raised to feel the sting of the "rod" upon their bare bums as naughty lil' girls ? Oh my, I certainly was Veronica.

For younger sister and me, as naughty lil' ones, parental spankings were administered on the bare skin of our bottoms with a flexible rattan switch. Usually by mommy, in the lounge, according to her strict, loving Ol' fashioned values and Faith ! It was harsh but also kind. Grandma approved (she punished mom the same in he 1930s !) And the elderly, pious neighbours also approved. Oh my, so did most of the other moms in the neighbourhood and Church group in those days !

And in those 1960s in Georgia Veronia, I did not remember pro-spanking and anti-spanking. There was just spanking !!! And it was a mother's duty to bare our botties and administer domestic justice for we naughty lil' madams ! We were sent wailing and crying to our rooms withe hornet's nest buzzing on our rear-ends, and we did the switchy-dance up the stairs. Oh my ! :-(

But it sure did me good Veronica. Mom used to say a stinging botty now would prevent us getting into bad trouble when we gotten older. How right she was.

I hope these here girls' mommies said the same Veronica. A lifelong lesson given on the bare. seat of learning early on ! I recently read that the pop star Katy Perry had a very strict upbringing too, and her strict, religious, Southern father "did not spare the rod" so she said in a Vogue article recently. I love to hear about celebrities who had very strict upbringings like I did, and to hear about daughters (now moms) who gotten their bare botties whooped by "the rod" back in the good, Ol' fashioned days. Bring on Dana Specht for these naughty girls Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx