Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

The little bears mummy spanks them ,a bare behind ?love and spanks,Tim.

Anonymous said...

Yes a bare behind for sure. As it should be. That's how I always gotten it ! :-(

I love the red colouring on the naughty backside Veronica - the artist implies bare bottom punishment. As would be appropriate and likely in a strict, loving home, from my experience.

I so love this type of artistic detail, where bare bottoms are implied for certain, even if they are not shown. Another example would be panties pulled down below a daughter's dress, hands on head, during scolding, with mom wagging her finger and implying mommy will soon be spanking a bare botty !

I so love mommy's slipper too Veronica. Good idea ! Maximum sting is required. No half-measures needed because we know an unbearable stinging bottom is harmless Veronica. As a strict mom in my 50s, it is usual from my experience, for me to say this already, and I was very sternly raised in the South in the 1960s...PC and naughty steps were light years away Veronica ! Oh my !

A few years' ago I remember discussing with an anti-spanking mom that my thinking and my upbringing was "cruel". Oh my, I so disagreed Veronica. My mother (now in her 80s) was so kind and loving and caring and brought my sister and me up wonderfully. Oh my yes, she whipped our bare behinds with a rattan switch when we were naughty, but this was out of kindness and her strict Ol fashioned family values and her Church-faith beliefs of "not sparing the rod", which were conventional back then. My mom did the right thing Veronica ! Whuppin's did us good !

Her whippy, thin, lil' switch ( flicking quickly and repeatedly across bare skin) left no bruises whatsoever on our bums and the sting on our bare botties was ferocious - quite right as punishment too !!!- but was actually totally harmless (despite our screaming and big fuss already !). That is the whole objective and benefit of a bare bottom spanking, as you well know Veronica !

This lady did not understand the culture of Georgia and the South, especially in the 1960s, and how (bare bottom) spanking at home was supported by all the moms in the neigbourhood and was just part of growing up. Just fact !

Stern but loving, good times Veronica...and this picture conveys that reality perfectly !
Lovely modern but traditonal, conservative style drawing Veronica
Strict Mommy Brenda xx