Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Before and After




Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, and adding to this scene a clip.

Anonymous said...

Wow the girls botty is like a beacon from her friends attention,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Strict mommy understands science!!

Oh my Veronica. This cute " before and after " clearly explains to me and my sister why our mother always pulled our panties down before smacking our bottoms. No protective coverings made sense logically :-) Oucheeeees!

Our strict, loving mom always used a nasty, thin, whippy, lil' switch too.. which when applied to a sensitive bare botty also made sense logically !!.. meaning that punishment was meant to sting. Oh my, it did a lot Veronica.

But logic also meant safety Veronica. A whuppin' was absolutely harmless. Younger daughters of the naughty step era forget this. A nasty sting was temporary, extreme discomfort. A proper smacked bottom had a big impact on me as a naughty lil' girl and was perfectly fair and harmless. It was also common when I was a lil' girl - in strict, families in the 1960s in Georgia for misbehaving daughters!

Yes, we only deserved it on our bare-backsides, but mummy always said that with our panties not covering (protecting !) our botties (ie pulled down to our knees) it was a lot easier to spank us properly and effectively. Justice was harsh, fair and swift. Ouch ! Lots of light flicks of the switch caused a big sting on our tender skinned, bare bottoms in an efficient manner. Mummy did not need to smack hard to make our Lil' chubby bums sting to high heaven. Mummy was in in control, she meant business and had no qualms about baring our botties to administer, stern but caring maternal discipline. As this lovely cartoon was the right thing to do. Oh my the nostalgia Veronica.
Naughty lil' Brenda xx