Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

"What do you mean... you refuse to do your homework!"


Robert Stephens said...

Studying while sitting on a sore fanny helps a girl to concentrate on her lesson.... I think the hairbrush will make Veronica very smart indeed.

Anonymous said...

Slow and methodic bottom warming for a naughty girl like yourself.

Njspank said...

Brush or are just too cute.

Anonymous said...

No homework = Oucheeees to botties ! :-(

Veronica, Oh my, if I misbehaved at School, or did not do my homework, I gotten my bare behind whipped with mother's rattan switch. I was very strictly raised in the 1960s and had restricted freedoms !
My sister and I, as lil' girls growing up in Georgia, had to focus on School, Church and sports. Strict, purposeful and simple !

It was very Ol' fashioned and cute. You know the Southern style Veronica !! I was a boring, well-behhaved lil' Southern girl Veronica !! :-( I had no choice. Oh my !
My mother did not "spare the rod" - that nasty rattan switch stinging our lil' bare chubby botties !! :-(

Yes, when I escaped from home in the 1970s for College and work, I could rebel as an independent older girl. But as a lil' princess in the early years, the rattan switch lived in the cupboard for my bare bottom !! Strict, loving Southern style of old !!
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx