Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to combat Senioritis?

The teachers union needs your help and just hired you as Headmaster.

These girls are out of control and you have to be the one to dish out the discipline any way you see fit!


Anonymous said...

Just what these naughty girl's deserve, but wait; your naughty would be there also.

Anonymous said...

Veronica a sound spanking should help restore order for these little minxs ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Big spanks indeed for you lovey ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Senioritis meant bare botties gotten whooped 1960s Southern style...

Fetch the cane and bare their tender bottoms for a good, Ol' Southern mommy-approved whipping, Veronica !

Veronica, as a lil' girl raised in early 1960s Georgia, I lived to fear the smack of a rattan cane across the fairest-sensitive skin on my bare backside !! Corporal punishment was part of life. Period :-(

It was called a spanking, Veronica ! In reality it was a whipping, albeit totally harmless.

Both as a 1950s born girl and then as a 1980s blessed, strict mother (to my two young daughters) I can tell you, Veronica, that standing with your hands on your head, having your white cotton underwear pulled down and your most-tender, alabaster-white bottom bared whilst staring at your angry mother holding a nasty lil' rattan cane was a salutary experience growing up !!! :-(

My mother administered this punishment to my sister and me in the living groom (from age 8) and it sure removed any senioritis tantrums or nonsense from her two lil' daughters !
A stinging bottom was the only punishment we gotten (no time outs etc)and there was no PC obviously. My mother gotten her own bare backside caned by grandma in Atlanta in the no change or soft measures needed for my childhood punishment already in the earl 1960s !!

A panties down, "God given" bare bottom switching was scary and terrible (it needed to be !) But it sure did me and lil' sis good over our childhoods. My mother was the strongest supporter of "spare the rod, spoil the child" and so she purchased an actual, proper "rod of correction" (the traditional, flexible, rattan switch) and we gotten it on bare skin aplenty :-(
I agree that maximum sting, maximum safety (i.e. on our bare botties !) was both sensible, logical and in line with Christian domestic values, Veronica. It is the only way.

Corporal Punishment was integral to our Church-faith, social mores and conservative family values. And proper spankings were common for our childhood peers in our Church group. Bare red bottoms at home from parental spankings was a fate for nearly all my girl friends in our social play groups, coffee mornings, school and Bible classes in the 1960s. Just normal family life back then in Georgia, Veronica, as you know being raised similar yourself in the 1970s/80s.

I recommend the "hornets nest" (as my sister and me fondly called it in childhood !) - proper, traditional bare bottom whuppins - for these girls here (never too late Veronica, as you know !) although it should have been done by their moms in their early years !
Before my sister and me gotten the cane, we were punished in our early years (early 1960s) with the wooden spoon/hairbrush across mommy's knee, with our lil' soft-skinned, tender botties totally bare, naturally.

Veronica, I was then a strict, loving mom to two lil' daughters (born in the 1980s) and they gotten Corporal Punishment on their bare bottoms. I believe in Southern vales and CP and have had lots of interesting discussions with PC moms over the decades Veronica !!! Oh my !! I am now in my late 50s, and my own mother is still feisty in her 80s already. We both laugh at PC !

Maybe the mothers of these girls here will now send their unruly lil' brats to you and me Veronica - we will pull down their cotton panties and administer Southern, mommy-approved justice with a whippy, lil' rattan cane...a good Ol' fashioned switching-bare-ass-red-botty whooping ! Yes, I am a strict, loving and Ol' fashioned traditional lady, but it worked for me. And it worked for m two wonderful girls two (they are long grown up and left home and just turned 30s)

Strict Mom Brenda xx