Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lucy gets the hairbrush!!!

I was told that this is a scene from Pacific Force inc. Here is a link to their great website containing some awesome spanking videos.


Njspank said...

Very under rated web site, she is very pretty and all of her bottoms are equally only issue with her as a lap is sometimes she yells too much but the site has been around for a long time and this lady is an amazing spanker, always well dressed and classy and very sexy.....nice and thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

A nice scene from and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Lucy gotten away with it Veronica ? ...lovely backside she has !
Mommy let her daughter off lightly ?
Where are those lovely strict mommies from Veronica ha-ha :-)

When my sister and I regularly gotten a spanking from mommy, growing up, back in the 1960s, we used to say that mommy had dropped a hornets nest on the bare skin of our bottoms !!! Oh my, such was the sting Veronica. We sure feared and felt a smacked bottom from mom ! :-(

In the early years mom used her trusty wooden hairbrush, just like Lucy gotten it here. But mommy used it fast and furious Veronica !! Two pairs of shorts and panties would be pulled down and mom took us over her knee. My sister had the whitest of lily-white skin in Georgia...especially on her botty !! (we had the best tan lines Veronica, still do !) Our botties did not see the Georgia sun, but they sure did get exposed and burned aplenty from mom's hairbrush ! Red as a water melon. Oh my !

And when were eight, mommy introduced the flexible, thin, rattan switch. Again, our naughty botties were always bared to feel the full sting. "do not spare the rod" was mother's faith and mantra !
And like the hairbrush it was fast and furious, whipping our lil' bare white botties. Totally harmless Veronica. But extremely effective for naughty daughters. And my strict, loving mom sure did do the right thing, as my hubby will testify !
And as my grandma, the neighours and the Church moms testified back in the 1960s in strict, Ol' Georgia ! Oh my :-(
Naughty Mommy Brenda xx