Monday, March 31, 2014

My poor bum


Anonymous said...

There will be lots more for that luscious bum of yours. We are just getting started!

Njspank said...

Indeed but well earned no doubt...adorable actually

Anonymous said...

Big spanks for your cute botty.,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Poor lovely you, Veronica. Boo-Hoo it stings.
I did not have to "cut a switch young lady" during my strict Southern upbringing; because mummy kept a thin, nasty rattan version permanently in the downstairs cupboard. Very accessible too Veronica, Boo-Hoo.

When sister and I were very naughty, things were harsh but simple: out came the cane, up came pretty dresses, down came pairs of little cotton panties and botties were completely bare for a sound whuppin'. There was no PC in Atlanta 's suburbs in the 1960s and early 70s Veronica! None whatsoever !!

Exposing the soft, sensitive skin on our backsides was necessary. Absolutely. Mother reminded we naughty little ones that it was punishment...and botties needed to sting !!

And they certainly did sting. Panties down was no big deal, just a normal part of strict but loving discipline , maternal caring and guidance. Bare botties were needed for both practical and philosophical reasons for a switching. And it was our strict house rule. Yes, it was certainly harsh at the time, but it did me a world of good. And my very strict mother was s good ten years' older than other moms Veronica, and took no-nonsense !
When the PC wave arrived, I had long left home, but I have always told my mummy that she did the right thing. She acknowledged it was harsh and old-fashioned, although bare bottom spankings were common in the communities and my friends ' households when I was a little girl.

The convergence of faith, family values and moral codes made for far sterner domestic discipline when I was growing up in Georgia. Whuppin' s ruled Veronica ! Naughty Brenda xx

Adam Jones said...

I think you're great!