Monday, March 10, 2014



1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.

2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.

3. Stylish; chic


Anonymous said...

So a girl needing big spanks ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

It's 1973. And what a lovely, chubby bottomed sassy princess. I'm in big trouble with daddy after my patented tantrums in the mall. In fairness, I wasn't a sassy brat ( too much) thanks to the stingy little rattan cane that was kept in the cupboard. Pop is fetching it now. He knew how to deal with sassy behaviour.

The sting of the cane on my tender- skinned bare botty was ferocious. Oucheeee ! But that's the idea. It was of course perfectly harmless. And appropriate. This was normal discipline in our house in 1973 !

It was quite a while before I misbehaved again ! It stopped me being a sassy precocious princess Boo-Hoo. Harsh but very fair from old-fashioned papa.. Brenda x....I am of course sassy today tee-hee ;-) x

Anonymous said...

The "seat of learning" Veronica - bratty daughters gotten naughty, mommies gotten cross...and the switchy-stick, "rod of correction" is kept in the cupboard. Result ? Botties on show for punishment Veronica !!

Veronica, I can sure relate to this lovely, cute but strict picture again, writing my memoirs, and now in my late fifties. First as a strictly raised lil' girl in a Christian suburb of Atlanta in the 1960s/70s. And then as a strict, loving mother raising two daughters in the 1980s !!! The "seat of learning" for sure young lady !
Strict Mom Brenda xx