Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

Tangled...... Now who wouldn't love to see Rapunzel's long hair flying around???


Anonymous said...

Big spanks for these girls all round ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha very funny cartoon 2 Veronica. I sure gotten a wooden spoon on my bare ass from mom in the kitchen, but never a frying pan. Ha-ha...not even in the early 1960s !

Veronica, when I was blessed with my two lil' daughters in the 1980s, I was always together with them in the kitchen in their early years, as a home-maker mom (and also a working mom already)
The kitchen saw tantrums and misbehavior already Veronica. Which resulted in smacked bottoms !

The first implement or "botty smacker" I actually especially bought was a rubber spatula- chosen especially for spanking on bare skin (not through clothes !)...and not for cooking already ! So two lil' two naughty girls had to put their hands on their head in the kitchen (angry mother, spontaneous punishment Veronica ) . Two pairs of lil' cotton shorts gotten pulled down to their knees followed by two pairs of cotton panties. Once over my knee the soft, sensitive, alabaster-white skin on two chubby botties gotten appropriate, just desserts with the spatula. That was the punishment.

My girls sure did not throw tantrums or misbehave for some considerable time after Veronica ! Oh my ! It sure did sting to high heaven in a harmless (despite their loud cries !), effective, loving fashion on the tender-skinned, bare place provide by God and Nature for that maternal care, guidance and very purpose. Mommies know best Veronica. Kind, caring, tough love CP in our family began in the kitchen with the rubber spatula (before hairbrush and switch).....not the frying pan. Oh my !
Strict Mom Brenda xx