Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoons

"Aladdin"  This is exactly what Princess Jasmine needs.

Don't mess with a Spanking Robot!


Anonymous said...

Love the post!

No nonsense spanking.

Riding crop OTK.

Anonymous said...

Big spanks are given ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Super strict mommy comes to the rescue! :-)
One of the really cute but cringing experiences I had as a lil' girl growing up in Georgia was when the other younger moms asked my mother about discipline and spanking, Veronica Oh my !
Mommy took me and my sister to lots of moms' coffee mornings in Atlanta's suburbs - all the fashion back then.

We princesses used to try and liten to thee strict Southern moms talking about smacking our naughty bottoms. My mom was stricter than most and was a good ten years' older than some of the younger (and more trendy, less stern moms) My mom was respected as a fierce, no-nonsense discilinarian and they wanted advice from her !

I vividly recall conversations about straps, hairbrushes, over the knee, firm hands and of course "the cute little deer with the bear behind " !!! All being applied to soft- skinned very bare unprotected botties - in the ideal, strict and loving, maternal scenario, as advised by my very own mom !

I found it cute, cringing and scary. But also exciting. Mother always emphasised that baring our lil' chubby white sensitive bottoms was the most important part of the process. This should be done formally and quickly. Mother explained that I had to put my hands on my head whilst mommy pulled down my shorts and then my white cotton panties just to my knees. Bare botties is a no-brainer Veonica, but mom would detail all the benefits.....for the traditional maternal spanker, of course, not lil' ol' me, the spankee ! Oucheees

Mother would not entertain he idea of spanking clothed backsides...only unclothed, bare skins.
Mom explained that naughty Brenda would then have to bend her alabaster-white ( I had the best tan lines in Georgia !!!) bare botty over the sofa arm for the dreaded lil' flexible rattan switch. Before age 8, I gotten the hairbrush or wooden spoon.

Mom influenced other moms who then purchased switches for their daughters. I got the blame from my friends. Ad my friends were scared of coming round to my house in case my mother suggested they got their bare backsides whipped with the rattan !

Most of the moms were strict, bare bottom spankers, but I recall a minority did not spank or perhaps spanked over clothes. Oh my, it was fascinating Veronica. Some moms talked about spanking and Church faith (we had a large Church contingent among my peers)
Oh my, it was a 1950s traditional scene of strict Southern moms....although it was actually the 1960s, not much had changed Veronica
Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx