Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

Quite a complicated clip ,presume it is a littledaughter being spanked bt a strict mummy by ,?love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! This has a cute but very strict 1950s' feel ? It's my mummy disciplining my sister. Botties were bare and tender for maternal spankings...always ! That was normal and routine. No fuss, despite our howling protests. Just very strict and simple. It was the 1970s. Mummy was incredibly no-nonsense, but that lovely phrase had yet to be invented.

Out came the little cane, up came pretty princess dresses and down came little pairs of cotton panties. Botties on show for bath time...and punishment !! Boohoo. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Lovely kind mommy has had enough already !!

Sooooo love this animation again Veronica. A great antidote to PC. I love to see very strict, loving, conservative mommies, bound by their strong faith and Ol' fashioned, traditional family values, administering sound corporal punishment to the bare bottoms of their naughty daughters ! That is my life in brief, Veronica. And with lovely cute humor too already ! Long live no-nonsense mommies :-)

Love mommy's eyes flickering to see the stingy red botty she is creating right now ! Love the way mommy had lifted the tail and pulled down her daughter's panties to expose the sensitive skin on her backside for maternal punishment. Gotten red 'n sore already.

PC moms would hate these cartoons but I so love them. I was raised by such a strict, religious mother. And I also raised my own two daughters with firm CP on their bare bottoms. And so this animation has real foundation and meaning for me. I am now in my late fifties. What a lovely, cute mommy she is Veronica, after my own heart. Strict moms are good moms. And they sure know best !

Strict Mom Brenda xx