Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

and "Alice In Wonderland"


Anonymous said...

Veronica ,little Alice is spanked by Rabbit for naughtiness ,love and spanks,Timx


I love it that Grumpy Cat is there.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news - Naughty Lil' Alice gotten her bottom smacked and so did naughty Lil' Brenda !

What's new Veronica ?! This drawing is just normal- The Cute Little Deer with The Bear Behind already ! So cute. So conservative. So loving. And so strict ! I adore it. And it reflects reality for me in the 1960s, growing up in a very strict, traditional and faith-orientated, Southern household with a stern but loving mother who "did not spare the rod". Or as I say Veronica (as a strict, Ol fashioned mom in my 50s)..."don't spare the bare !"

I craved these pictures, cartoons and animations growing up. And I still do ! Especially ones showing bare bottoms or implied bare bottoms. Sister and I were always spanked hard on sensitive bare skin, panties down for sure, with hairbrush or mainly momma's rattan switchy-stick. Stinging bums were harmless and so worked well for we naughty princesses Veronica !!

Mom was so right ! Same for my friends. And I have no truck with spanking PC and was raised in those strict 1960s when most moms and pops said "I'll tan your hide missy". And Oh my, they sure did.

My mother is now in her 80s (PC passed her by blissfully Veronica !! ha-ha) and she still tells people about how she raised her two lovely, happy, well-mannered daughters in the 1960s, and whipped their lil' bare white chubby botties with the switchy-stick, when she had to ! Stern but kind and necessary discipline of old Veronica !

And she would tell how her trusty lil' flexible, rattan botty-smacker lived in the cupboard, ready for when a single pair or two pairs of lil' cotton, white panties had to be pulled down for daughterly punishment ! Oh my !

Mother was specially vocal in her 60s and 70s - still fierce and Ol' fashioned Veronica !
We Southern ladies of a certain age (and ladies across the world) realise that such strict discipline did us good. It was part of our culture. And a fact of life ! I have never been embarrassed by my my mom's accounts of our spankings decades ago to friends, family, and even strangers. It's who we are Veronica, my sister and lil' Ol' me... much to our hubbies amusement and entertainment. Oh my !

And I have occasionally had conversations with older female business associates when travelling Veronica. So fascinating to talk about it !! As we know :-) Oh my...
This drawing is so cute, but rings true. Smmackabotties Oucheeees ! Boo-Hoo !
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx