Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vintage Veronica


Enzo said...

Very nice - well done!

Njspank said...

I don't know if I ever asked this but how tall are you vs Tony? You seem to fit perfectly on his lap!

OldFashionGirl said...

I'm 5'5" and he's 5'8" so with a pair of heels I'm almost as tall as him. XoXo

Njspank said...

Haha ..... a perfect fit!

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage Veronica. You need and deserve a good spanking on the bare ! (the only way in my book, as a strict mom !)
In that gorgeous Ol' word of black and white, in Atlanta, Georgia the 1960s, I remember my girlfriends - naughty girls like you Veronica - who gotten hauled inside for a bare-ass whoopin' with a belt from their dads ! Oh my, that was normal facts of life already when I was growing up. Strict and loving CP.

Then they gotten grounded. Then I might see them later in our princess playgroup. Tears wiped away already.
I gotten countless bare-ass whoopin's, mainly from my mom. She used a dreaded, whippy, rattan switch. The "hornets nest on a tender", white bare backside sure stung to high heaven. It sure did work for me, young lady ! Good job too Veronica.

Naughty daughters gotten mommy-approved justice in our house.
Sister an me still thank our mom for raising us girls strictly and properly Veronica !
Mom is now fit and well in her 80s. Sister and me are in our late 50s. We are successful products of that spanking age at home ! The Good Ol' Days Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx