Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Very cute girl ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Whiter than the whitest cotton in Georgia. And provided by God and Nature for the purpose of strict and loving discipline (aka a switchin' from mother !)

Veronica, I used to think my lil sister had the fairest white chubby botty in the State of Georgia, back in the early 1970s, especially when the rest of her was as brown as a berry (from the Southern sun) but I think this lil' cutey in the photo has perhaps even surpassed my sister ! :-) Oh my, shall I fetch my lil' rattan attitude adjuster Veronica ?

My Mummy's cute but strict (cringing!?) quote about God and Nature providing a special place was coupled with another edict from mother - that our backsides would always be bare for bath times ...and spankings. Gulp !

These sugary-sweet, cutey-pink scary phrases from mom were typically 1950s', and their stern undertones had a massive impact on me. As did of course, witnessing my naughty lil' sister having her shorts and panties pulled down for a switchin' from mama with the whippy lil' rattan cane. Boo-Hoo. The sensitive, snow white skin on her behind went from cotton fields to poppy fields ! And how she did yell !
It all seems so exotic and ridiculously old-fashioned in retrospect, but well -smacked bottoms with panties pulled down were routine in our house. And in many of my girlfriends' households too. Southern 1960s' culture for sure as you know Veronica !
Strict Brenda xx