Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

Gotta love Betty and Veronica


Anonymous said...

Nice cartoons ,love and spanks,Timx

Njspank said...

Oh my Archie and the girls, so sexy and nive post. Loved those two ladies and always so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Love the last one. My grandma, mother and I would agree that it's the only way to deal with brats ! Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure is my eldest daughter across Grandma's knee 1990s Veronica !

It mattered nothing that my hubby did not discipline his two daughters in the 1980s and 90s, Veronica. Their mother (yours truly !) and their grandma (my own mother) sure provided corporal punishment when needed. And it sure made life easier both for me...and for my hubby too. Nothing wrong with raising polite, happy, successful, respectful, well-mannered daughters in the traditional, Southern way Veronica. No m'am !

I was working full-time (almost) and so child-care was kindly provided by my mother. She was aged late fifties when my daughters were lil' in the late 1980s (she's now in her 80s)
She sure wanted to raise her granddaughters in that strict, loving, kind, conservative, religious manner (as she had raised me and my sister)...and so I let her do so, Veronica. Sure did me and my sister no harm back in the 1960s and all of our lives since. CP good, PC bad, Veronica.

My daughters were told at the earliest age that God had provided them with a special soft, well-padded place, covered in the fairest-sensitive, pale skin; and upon which, when they gotten naughty, parental punishment would be duly administered... in its naturally bare, unprotected state (with their cotton underwear sadly not in-situ !)

The rubber-spatula (from me) and the wooden spoon (from my mom) and then the flexible, rattan switch (from both of us) were at the ready. Naughty behavior meant two lil' pairs of cotton panties gotten pulled down, tender botties gotten bared and Grandma did her duty with that trusty, rattan spanky-stick ! My girls sure gotten whooped, Veronica, and they now thank me (they're early 30s) and my elderly, sprightly mother for our strict discipline !
Strict Mom Brenda xx