Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The color red...

I think I wear it well.


smuccatelli said...

Red is definitely your color...

Robert Stephens said...

I don't know Veronica.... I think your pretty bottom is a few shades lighter than your pretty dress..... Perhaps a few more minutes with the hairbrush will even things out....!

Anonymous said...

Veronica you certainly do lovey ,best spanks,Timx

Njspank said...

Sorry out of character for me but what an ass!!!!


Dr. Ken said...

Veronica, that color looks great on you....

...and the dress isn't bad, either.

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Your poor botty Veronica ! You have my sympathy. But didn't Daddy tell you three times to stop misbehaving in the park ? Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Snow white and Rose Red....Oh my ! your lovely soft, pale, scrummy-yummy botty veronica !
Gorgeous, pretty, red dress too, young lady. You are soooo lovely veronica ;-)

As a young child I always envisaged the Fairy Tale princesses or naughty lil' missies getting their bare, white bottoms whooped at the end ! At the Rear End ha-ha ! I always gotten an image of bare, white, trembling girly botties that gotten smacked by strict mommies and daddies. This often did take place in the old cartoons, comics, Veronica. And they sure did take place in my house and in my friends' houses in our Community and Church group in Atlanta's suburbs.

Being raised in the late fifties and 1960s in a very religious, strict, conservative, traditional Southern family, I witnessed my poor lil' sister get her bare backside whipped aplenty, with me also suffering the same fate. We sure were princess-partners-in domestic-crime ha-ha!
And I cannot tell you how many thousand times my mother and grandma said "spare the rod spoil the child". Oh my ! As you know Veronica, I am now in my late fifties (and feeling retro !)

Alabaster-white botties gotten scarlet !....
As for Snow White and Rose Red Veronica. My sister and I were very, fair-skinned lil' girls (still are ha-ha !) but we had rich, dark brown, golden sun tans because we were always outdoors doing sports and playing in the Georgia sun subject to mother's strict rules and timetables already !)
As the Coppertone girls we had the best, defined tan lines in the South. The skin on our chubby, botties was a paler shade of white Veronica. Oh my ! Almost blue already ha-ha !
We had whiter bums than the local cotton fields of Georgia ...and softer too.

Sister and me gotten to see each others alabaster-white botties when we gotten bathed together (fun !) and when we gotten spanked together ! (not fun...scary traumatic !)
Getting our pale, tender bottoms bared for a whuppin' with the cane was just normal. That was what a spanking entailed. I never thought about it until I went to College and met girls who gotten spanked over clothes, or who did not get spanked at all.

Yes, when I became a mother myself and blessed with two young daughters in the 1980s, I was more than aware of the alabaster-white, soft skin on their backsides ! And yes, I sure believe in CP and so exposed that fairest bare skin (God and Nature blessed) for my mommy-approved spankings (with the rubber spatula, hairbrush and then the familiar switchy-cane when they were 8) as part of my strict, loving maternal care.

I was just like my own mother Veronica- no surprise really. My hubby was not a strict disciplinarian and so I needed to adopt that role. For sure we sometimes argued, why could my hubby not do his paternal duty give my girls bare bottom spankings when they needed them ? No worries But it was all swell, loving and yes, strict in the end. As my daughters kindly tell me now.

So yes Veronica. Your lily-white, chubby botty going red with domestic discipline perpetuates an image I have had as a child since the start of the 1960s. You were also raised in the South, mi-South ? in the 1970s and early 1980s and so you will also be familiar with all these social mores, traditional family values, faith-based overtones and spanking contexts.

Thank you for continuing that exciting and nostalgic feeling !
Strict Mom Retro Brenda xx