Sunday, May 4, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

"His arm is getting tired but my ass is wide awake"!!!


Anonymous said...

Now it is time for the hairbrush; less stress on the arm and much more sting on your "awake" sexy bottom!

A little spanking video for you.

Robert Stephens said...

I don't know..... You look pretty comfortable to me....

OldFashionGirl said...

It was a rather nice hand spanking and I must admit that I was enjoying it very much if you know what I mean. Xo

Anonymous said...

Do not tempt me Veronica, young lady !
Poor Ol' Tony. And his tired arm. As a strict, loving Ol' fashioned mom, I am gonna lend a strict maternal hand Veronica...."Your backside needs a good switching", as my mother used to say to me in the 1960s - and oh my, with her Christian views and family beliefs, she always carried out her harsh threats already Veronica !!! too !

I'm gonna fetch the dreaded rattan "botty smacker" (feared by tender bottomed princesses in our house) from my cupboard and tan the sensitive bare skin on your backside like you are my naughty daughter Veronica. You will so feel "the hornets nest" of strict, loving, Southern mommy-approved corporal punishment my girl. I do not "spare the rod" Veronica !

And I am gonna tell you young lady, that a stinging botty now, is harmless and humbling and will teach you a lesson right now, and stop you getting into big trouble when you are older and grown up Veronica ! Proper domestic spankings (panties down, bare bum switchngs) sure worked for me and my sister when we were lil' girls who gotten naughty in the 60s! We gotten to say thank you to our mother (now in her 80s) when we were much older ....if not as punished ten year olds ! Oh my !! It will sure teach you a lesson Veronica
Strict Mommy Brenda xx