Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Spankable

I think Katy Perry needs a spanking... anyone up to the task?


Robert Stephens said...

Oh how I would love to take that flaxen haired beauty over my knee for a bare bottomed fanny flogging with my favorite spanking strap..... !

Anonymous said...

She is a lovely girl ,best spanks from ,Timxx

Dr. Ken said...

Veronica -- I'd certainly be willing to give it a try. It might take a few OTK sessions before Katy Perry starts to see it my way, though....

Anonymous said...

"Just stay right there young lady". I am fetching my lil' switchy-stick already Veronica !

Veronica, you may know that this naughty lil' madam had a strict upbringing and gotten to present that fairest white botty (in its bare state !!!) for a parental tanning with the switch when she was growing up ! Oh my !

Check out interview, Vogue June 2013 Beauty and the Beat. Katy said "my parents did not spare the rod". There is no mention of a bare ass per se, but her Southern father was unlikely to have said that it was her panties that misbehaved ! I am sure he did not spare her bare hiney with the "rod", Veronica.
A bare botty is needed to get the message across veronica. And so panties down was how my mother always punished me when she fetched the switch :-( And that was almost twenty years before naughty lil' Katy was born !

I love celebrities being very open about spankings Veronica. It's an antedote to PC and nauturally, I fund it fascinating. I prefer facts to fantasy. Oh my ! I think my hubby prefers the opposite already :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx