Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Spankable

for my French friends...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, nice pretty panties Veronica. My hubby loves this sort of sexy photo in its own right. He likes a broad church view of spanking and loves the schoolgirl genre (don't we all Veronica yum !)

As a strict, purist, I always want to pull panties down. It's in my DNA Veronica, because of my very strict upbringing.

When I was a lil' girl growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, I wore those typical, sensible, large, snuggy, white panties, made from the softest, local cotton.

These large white panties (yuk!) were befitting of conservative, sober times and the design probably hadn't changed since the 1940s ! (not sexy Veronica )And underpanties did not get trendy until mid-seventies from memory.

I emphatically associate these snuggy sensible panties (worn under my lil' Princess canary yellow Southern Belle dresses or cutey shorts) with my mother's stern domestic discipline...and signature whuppin's. Darn those strict times Veronica!

Whew I was very naughty, mommy fetched the Lil' rattan cane and marched me into the lounge. And with my hands on my head boo-hoo, mummy pulled those big, cotton panties down to my knees. I then bent over the sofa arm for a good Ol' fashioned whuppin'.

Yes, oh my, switchin's were always given on the bare botty in our house Veronica, for me and lil' sis. That was just the routine and normal rule. No exceptions. Sadly the ferocious sting wasn't normal! But I stress was perfectly harmless. Harsh but loving spankings minus white cotton panties :-)
Naughty lil' Brenda xx