Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"I'll never learn"


Anonymous said...

Veronica yes and that's we love it ,love and best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Discipline With Love !

Veronica, young lady, your hands are clasped on your "seat of learning" and I can tell you as a strict, loving mother (in my late 50s) who believes in CP, having raised my own two daughters, and as a 1950s born Southern daughter myself (enduring a very strict childhood) you will learn your lesson under a regime of "spanking with love". This philosophy is based on CP not PC but it sure worked for most girls that I know...and certainly for my peers (girlfriends aged over early 50s) who gotten raised in the Golden Age of The Good Smacked Bottom in the 1960s and 70s. The cane or Southern switch has featured in our family and my would benefit from some tickle-tail with my cane, Veronica

When I was a child (early 1960s) there were no time outs or groundings. My sister and I often gotten naughty when out with mommy in the day e.g in the malls and parks of Atlanta.
Our Christian stern mother only believed in one punishment and her mantra was "spare the rod spoil the child". Punishment was administered back home, not in the mall! Mom would say "your backside needs a switching Brenda ". That meant a panties down, bare bottom caning :-( Period. It sure made the journey home scary !

As a disgraced ten-year-old I would find myself bent over the sofa, the scolding wrath of my mother. She would flicking the cane into the palm of her hands, the noise was uncomfortable.
I would feel the cool breeze "moment of truth" on my botty...aka, my alabaster-white backside was totally bare and unprotected. This was called a spanking Veronica. It was very routine in or house and in my princess-buddies households too. Southern culture for sure.

My mother had never heard of spankings that were not bare bottom. All spankings were bare bottom in her mind. She told other moms that in no uncertain terms. I loved her uncompromising views on spanking. When I was a 1980s mother myself, I tried to keep my own mom away from any PC moms on my peer group. Oh my ! Sparks might fly, Veronica.

Back in the living room ...My shorts and my 1950s white, cotton underpanties had gotten pulled down by mother for a spanking. Alternatively my dress was raised onto my back, clear of my bare behind. A spanking was punishment so why should it not be on bare skin ? Oh my ! The cane sure stung a lot more on a bare botty. What is the point of whipping the seat of my cotton panties. I was a naughty child and needed my botty bare. Period.

It was easier and safer for mommy to punish on bare skin (something I recall from spanking my own daughters). The baring process also made mommy feel she was the boss, and I was a just her naughty lil' girl. So true ! The panties down process added formality and also humbling.

The first few smacks of the cane on my bare botty took my breath away. Nasty ! I otten countless more. The hornets nest sting raged and raged and raged. A million bee stings already.
You need to feel this "switching" too, Veronica. And your will learn these lessons. When my hubby canes my bare bum today I also feel like that naughty child again and relive those lessons as a naughty lil' princess back in the 1960s.

Yes, the whoopings were harsh. But they are harmless already, Veronica. "Discipline with Love" meant my mother would pull up my panties, smarten down my dress, give me a hug and send me to my room after punishment. I had been punished "in front of God" (as mom said) and now I had been forgiven and redeemed.

I am in big favor of corporal punishment for you as a lil' daughter, Veronica. And mommy is fetching my cane now...."your bare backside gonna get a whuppin' my girl "
Naughty 1960s Daughter, Strict 1980s Mother Brenda (now approaching age 60. Oh my !) xx