Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

She's my kind of Superhero..

And don't forget that vigilante..


Anonymous said...

Well it is spank holiday here in U.K. ,LOVE AND BEST SPANKS ,Timx

Anonymous said...

Oh my what lovely strict super-heroes Veronica :-)
Sooo love the vigilante. What a strict sexy hero he is :-) We need more like him Veronica - dishing out Ol' Southern style paternal just desserts to brats !

How dare that terrible brat already !! She will be across my knee later at home Veronica, with those green commando pants and panties positioned exactly the same, with my mommy-approved rattan switch whipping the bare skin of her fairest white backside aplenty Veronica. oh my, yes ! Don't spare the bare. Traditional, Ol' fashioned mommy-approved discipline Veronica !

Veronica, my traditional, strict, homemaker mother used to tan my bare botty good and proper with the same thin, rattan switch when I was a naughty lil' girl in the 1960s. Stinging red behinds were a fact of life in our house. My sister and I were good, proper, lil' Southern girls at age ten...let alone 20, Oh my !

From age 8, the dreaded, scary switchy-stick (replaced the hairbrush) and resided in the cupboard. I feared it because I knew that my mother would always pull my panties down so that I would feel it more on sensitive bare skin. Oucheeees. Quite right too Veronica - the rattan switch was so ferocious on a bare, soft, princess botty. Which is the idea of loving, punishment as mommy said. And it was harmless, despite my screams and squeals when I gotten it good and proper ! :-(

I took mommy's threats seriously when in the mall, the store or the park. Mommy demanded odedience at all times. I respect that Veronica. If I had gotten momma's cane over my shorts or my 1950s style white cotton panties, the sting would have been far less Veronica - which defeats the object of a spanking. Bare botties also guaranteed safety and humbling too. And compliance with my mother's and grandmother's Church faith (don't spare the rod, or the bare bottom at whuppin's time!) It's what naughty daughters deserve Veronica !;

As a strict, loving mommy wo was raised in the 1960s I have always respected and upheld strict Southern domestic family values. And I have been very open in talking about my spankings growing up and my very strict upbringing in the 1960s in Atlanta. Oh my, I have had some wonderful debates with younger ladies Veronica (I am now in my 50s) who were anti-spanking and advocates of well as with my older peers- strict Southern ladies of my own certain age (ha-ha !) who had very strict spankings like me in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Like you, I love talking about this topic Veronica !

Oh my, it's a spanking life Veronica. Part of my Southern culture already !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx