Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

The Naughty Twins


Anonymous said...

Very nice ,she certainly has hands full with her little cute brats ,love and spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

She has different colour hair spanking the twins are they boy and girl ones or 2 girls any ideas ,love spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

They are 2 girls in the first drawing being spanked rosey by their mummy .

Njspank said...

Adorable love them thanks

Anonymous said...

The hairbrush is mommy's best friend when it comes to dealing with naughty daughters Veronica ! But in our house, the panties always had to come down !
Don't spare the bare Veronica !
Strict Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Did the panties misbehave, Veronica ?

Botties gotten all bare first. Then they gotten whooped. A two stage process.

I learned how to deal with naughty daughters from my own experience, Veronica. To be precise the fairest-tender skin on my own chubby botty suffered extreme discomfort when I gotten naughty as a child. I was uncomfortable for two reasons: first my mother spanked my botty with a cane (thin switch) and second because she pulled down my panties to ensure I gotten to feel the full nasty sting of the cane on bare skin ! oh my ! My poor botty was very red n sore...that is the idea of a spanking. Whatever I had done, like told a lie, I did not do it again in a hurry !

My sister and me still talk about how mom used to tell other moms at our Church group coffee mornings in the 196s, that they must always pull down panties and smack hard on a sensitive bare surface found on their daughters' soft bottoms ! It was the Christian way. It was the only way. And mom recommended a lil' cane already (or implement of their choice) to really fire up their naughty bare backsides ! No wishy-washy philosophies, Veronica. The mommies were always talking about spanking us princesses. Now they yalk about real estate :-)

I agree Veronica. Raising my own two daughters 1980s/90s I used a rubber spatula (early years) and the flexible switch too (from age 8) And yes, for sure I always pulled down panties and administered CP on bare skin. Lots of loud screaming and crying guaranteed but it was discipline with love. Bare botties has gotten to be the rule for domestic CP Veronica. The lovely moms in this cartoon need to adjust the panties !

Strict Mom Brenda xx