Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There is no such thing as bad kids...

just bad parenting.


Enzo said...

Always loved this idea of Back to School night!

Anonymous said...

Miss gives big spanks to their parents showing them how to parent perhaps ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

I think you and me gotten similar views Veronica !! We agree already

I grew up in Atlanta in the 1960s. When I gotten naughty mommy sent me to my room for a grounding. Before I gotten sent to my room my mother took me to the living room, pulled down my shorts, pulled down my white cotton panties, and I gotten a sound whoopin' on my bare ass with a thin, flexible rattan cane ! Being a good mother meant being a strict mother.

For formality, my mom then pulled my panties back up, re-fastened my shorts and gave me a hug. Then sent me to my room. Oh my, it was terrible but harmless already, because I gotten a very thin flexible rattan switch. The sting on soft, sensitive bare botty skin was ferocious - "the hornets nest" we called it (that was the idea !) But I gotten no bruising, because the rattan cane was thin, light and whippy. The switching would not be effective through clothes. And bare botty meant I took it seriously and was humbled as a naughty lil' girl. Mom was kind, strict and loving and believed that "spare the rod spoil the child" was important.

My mom openly advocated bare bottom corporal punishment for my girlfriends !! (we were only aged eight) and she always discussed spanking daughters with the other moms in our Church community group, Veronica. This was typical 1960s social mores. Moms had morning coffee mornings and "smacked bottoms" always seemed to feature. My mother once showe the other moms the switch in our cupboard during one coffee morning. I will never forget that occasion Veronica. Mom said Brenda gets it with her panties pulled down, botty bare. No embarrassment for mom (plenty for me already !!!). That was normal punishment back then and accepted by other moms as best practice for naughty daughters

My mommy said canes, straps, wooden spoons, paddles, hairbrushes and all needed to be applied to bare bottoms not clothed bottoms ! That was my mom's practical and Christian advice and belief. That made her a good mom. And the other moms agreed. Oh my, those were the days Veronica !

When I gotten married Veronica (late 1980s) my mother gave the actual rattan cane to my hubby ! Oh my ! She said Brenda's backside will need a good switching ! My hubby was not too embarassed because he gotten used to our family's strict, Southern ways and my mom's Ol' fashioned family vales. Hubby knew that my mother had used this switch on my bare bottom plenty (and my sister's ) over my childhood. I loved the way corporal punishment has transitioned into my adult life with fun, humour and no regrets.

As a strict,loving mom , I now know many female celebrities (in the media, not personally ha-ha) and especially my female peers (Church group) and girlfriend buddies raised in the 1960s (and 1950s/70s and even 80s) who gotten strict bare bottom punishment growing up and who thanked their parents for this kind, caring guidance in later years ! Fascinating Veronica. Thank you for your Blog, especially pictures of your gorgeous bum and Spanking Art ! :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx