Sunday, June 1, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

Holding back the tears.


Anonymous said...

Can't allow "holding back tears" Must lecture and spank until those tears are flowing!

Robert Stephens said...

Tears during a spanking are beautiful.... I hope you get to cry over Tony's lap sometimes. Cathartic, intimate and loving...... A spanking full of tears is a wonderful thing to experience...

Njspank said...

You are so beautiful and great partners you two are...Always

Anonymous said...

Strict father, naughty daughter...
Veronica, you and me gotten used to bare bottom punishment in our childhoods :-(
...and these past few years (decades !) with our strict hubbies :-)

Love the hint of your bare white botty...reflecting the light already.I love the subtle, hint and evidence that strict, loving corporal punishment for a naughty daughter is taking place. Sentence gotten passed...and then carried out without fuss !

I like the reality and sober formality of you being punished as the naughty lil' girl next door. That is because I was that lil' girl next door who gotten her bare botty whooped back in the 1960s. Ditto my lovely younger sister. And the Christian neighbors heard it all...and approved already. "Spare the rod spoil the child could be the title of my memoirs Veronica". But I will go for something more original I guess !

I like strict daddies like Tony. My hubby is strict with me (but as you know he was not strict with his daughters. And left me to do all the spanking !) But my main influence since childhood has been those lovely, stern Southern moms. They brook no nonsense from their li' daughters and would (without hesitation) bare their lil' brats' white botties in public for a "tan your hide" session. Those strict, conservative moms in Georgia were the original Brat Whisperers, Veronica. Oh my ! They sure were. That was the 1960s and they were still around in my peer-group in the 1980s, when I gotten blessed with motherhood. Albeit fewer of them. And we 1980s moms were more discreet then. Oh my !

When I talked to PC moms in the early 1990s, Veronica, I would try to avoid saying how I disciplined my two girls when they gotten naughty. But yet I was proud to be a strict mom.
Oh my ! It was different for my own mother in the 1960s. No qualms !!

Mom would shout out loud about spanking me and my sister's bare botties without any hesitation or embarrassment. One coffee morning she showed the moms the cane that she used on my own bare-princess- ass !! I was just a tender-bottomed girl of 8 ! The other moms were intrigued to see a proper "rod " ( re my mom's Biblical preference) and the flexible rattan switch was a different perspective, to say, the hairbrush or strap. It offered a Christian context. My mother did not wish to punish we daughters with a strap. She was an expert "botty smacker" with this cane !! :-(
The "hornets nest" as we called it -because we only ever gotten it on our bare bottoms. Nasty ! Corporal punishment was all so cute and normal back then. Just part of growing up, Veronica.

The only snowflakes back then were the fairy-soft, layers of lily-white skin found on our chubby botties ha-ha. For real ! And they gotten exposed to the breeze and whipped by our moms (and dads) when we deserved it !
And now by our hubbies Veronica. At least we now have a choice already :-)
Naughty Lil' 1960s Daughter, Strict 1980s Mom, and Naughty Wife, Brenda xx