Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

At night if you stand outside my bedroom window with the shades up this is what you'll see. XoXo


Njspank said...

I still want to move to your neigborhood!!!
WOW, can you imagine.

Anonymous said...

Worth a look methinks,best spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

Smack ! Smack ! Smack ! What's that sound already ?

What a lovely view Veronica. Love the angle of a naughty daughter across her strict father's knee. Love the light shining off your juicy, fair-skinned rear-end. Nice tan lines too girl ! How lush are you Veronica ?! Oh my ;-)

I think my neighbours would see and feel the same about hubby an lil' Ol' Brenda-me :-)
And when my sister and I were naughty lil' ones back in the 1960s, our mother had qualms about smacking us in public. She was so strict and fierce already, but said punishment should be in the privacy of a strict, loving family home. How cute and traditional already ! Mother did not bare our bottoms in public and did not spank us over clothes in public either.

But back at home , Oh my Veronica, mommy always bared our bottoms and always used her dreaded rattan switch. So scary "the hornets nest" was Veronica ! Yes, Oh my, in the quiet, still, summer heat of the Atlanta suburbs the sound of this lil' rattan switch landing on the soft skin of two naughty lil' daughters' pale, bare botties could be heard if you stood outside our open windows.

We squealed!! And it sounded like we girls gotten tortured Veronica. But it was harmless, stern but loving, mommy-approved discipline of the Ol' fashioned kind ...on bare, tender bottoms !!! Quite right too Veronica (in retrospect eh ?!!)

Mom was not worried about the sound of us crying and screaming Veronica. Most nearby moms were very pro-spanking (this was the 1960s in Georgia !!) and our neighbours also strongly approved. They were a lovely, pious, elderly couple who we all went to Church with, and they said our mom should never "spare the rod" on our bare backsides ! Oh my !!!

So yes, our private punishment was often a neighbourhood affair Veronica. Looking back, I so love the cute but ever-so strict family traditions of yore !!
Nostalgic Princess Brenda xx