Sunday, June 8, 2014

can't sit down Sunday

Farmer's daughter


Njspank said...

Yummy, love the the bare red bottom!

Anonymous said...

Another spanking young lady ,best spanks,Timx

Robert Stephens said...

What a pretty picture, Veronica! I love your hand pushing against Tonys knee, his left hand holding you in place..... Your panties peeled to your thigh tops; the red on your fanny blending so nicely what the red of those twisted panties. Mmmmm....

Anonymous said...

It is so true Veronica, farmers' daughters gotten their bare bottoms smacked hard !
Wonderful scene. You look amazing. Lovely bum young lady !

Veronica, we sure know those strict, rural farmers of the South. Oh my, they would say "I'll tan your hide" and all we lil' girls would tremble with fear...especially the farmer's daughter ! Oh my ! those rural girls gotten their panties pulled down and their bare botties whipped with a strap or switch !

But so did lil' Ol' me Veronica. My religious mommy was as strict as those farmer-fathers. But we lived in the suburbs already. And we belonged to Church groups. This was the 1960s and moms and dads "did not spare the rod". Naughty daughters gotten asked to "go pick a switch" and panties gotten pulled down because the switch did not sting through protective coverings. I remember telling my hubby about my childhood and our strict Southern domestic ways when we met in the 1980s.

My hubby gotten shocked Veronica, when I told him I gotten switchings on a bare backside, not with a "green switch" (like my friends gotten), but with mommy's thin, rattan cane, that she kept in the cupboard for our bare bums. For lil' sister and me. I sure gotten shocked when I felt the sting of that rattan on my bare white ass in the mid 1960s Veronica. Usually in the living room or my bedroom ! Ouchheeees to my lily-white sensitive-skinned, bare botty from a stern mother for sure !!
Thank heavens I survived Veronica. It did me good in the long term. But yes, I love the farmer/daughter cliches...they not cliches, but are a true fact !
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx