Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My corner-time


Colin said...

Nice pic, thanks for sharing, I just hope that you didn't feel pressured into it. I feel guilty just the same.
Colin xxx

cutiebootie said...

Love your purple polka-dotted panties, which contrast nicely with your sore backside. Enjoy your blog a ton!

Njspank said...

Agree, love the panty....and the red bottom

Anonymous said...

I love corner time Veronica. My hubby plays a stern daddy and sends me nose to the corner hands on head.
But I'm making up for lost time, because my mommy never sent me for corner time after a spanking when I was a lil' girl. Hubby and friends were surprised to hear that given the strict aura in our house when I was a lil' missy.
Mommy thought corner time was demeaning, and also a waste of time. I was normally sent to my room or to do chores and help mom.
I'm proud to say that my mother said that spankings should be humbling but never humiliating. She believed in firm whuppin's (with my botty completely bare always) but within a loving, caring and kind context. Her cute, strict, matriarchal " mommy knows best" approach was typical in the South when I was growing up in the 1960s in Georgia.

, The humbling not humiliating mindset meant I was not spanked in public, or in front of friends or family (Grandma, excepted) or in the garden or in front of neighbours - although the neighbours could hear it loud and clear with doors and windows open.
Kind humbling meant I've never resented my strict upbringing Veronica, even though the actual spanking was always harsh. My sister feels the same. Family discipline was stern but fair Veronica!
Mother used a lil' thin rattan switch on our bare botties. Our pretty dresses were hoisted and our white cotton panties never stayed up. Mommy said uncovering the sensitive cotton-white skin on our backsides was what a whuppin' was all about. Sparing the rod and all that Veronica! Oucheeeees :-(
We squealed like piggies and I'll never forget the sting. Perfectly harmless already, I must say. And no corner time back then for we daughters!
Brenda xx