Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A modern day spanking publicity shot

Spanking publicity shots where at one time quite common but unfortunately in our politically correct world you'll be hard pressed to find them.... you won't. Imagine if Hollywood would make a remake of say  The Farmers Daughter (1947) which didn't have a spanking scene in it, and they used the publicity shot below? I'm sure it'll bring quite a bit of controversy wouldn't you? Guns, drugs and violence galore is okay but "SPANKING" hell no! Thank goodness for spanking blogs. XoXo


Anonymous said...

So very true!

Two video clips of what should happen in today's world concerning correction of errant and bratty behavior.



Husband/Wife or


smuccatelli said...

I don't know, I think a farmer's daughter would be in the barn, bent over some bales of hay and being switched or belted on her bare butt.

Country style...

Njspank said...

Good lord your bottom in that skirt, is just amzing being so beautiful, thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes it would be fun to have them I can think of a few starlets in Hollywood who need a good spanking ,best spankies ,Timx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are sooooo right Veronica - and let alone bare bottom spanking eh ? Which it always was in reality ! Who needs PC on harmless spanking ?

Has Tony got a switch in his hand (off camera ha-ha) I can tell you already Veronica, that a wayward, misbehaving farmer's daughter like you would be over father's knee with skirt up and panties down, squarking very loudly (!) as a hick'ry stick is liberally applied to the soft, bare skin on your naughty botty ! And oh my, it sure stings the unprotected botty Veronica ! That is the idea...a good Ol' Southern domestic sentence for naughty daughters. I was raised the same !!! And traditions die hard.

My friends who were farmer's daughters (my friends as a lil' girl growing up) were punished this way in the 1960s as were we girls brought up in Atlanta's suburbs Veronica...non-farmer's daughters ha-ha ! If not a hickr'y stick then straps, hairbrushes or paddles were applied to naughty, bare, sensitive bums by strict, loving parents.

I've never let PC affect my strict, Southern views. And I've been fortunate enough to (albeit on rare occasions) to discuss spanking with female work colleagues through travel. Back in the 1980s I met an older German lady work associate, who is still a good friend, who told me how she was strictly raised in Germany in the 1950s.

She said a rattan, cane or "Rohrstock" was popular in homes and she recounted how (no surprise here, Veronica) she would always have to lift her skirts and lower her underpanties without fuss or compromise for the cane on her bare bottom when she was naughty. We had a lot in common Veronica !! Panties down for whupin's was just normal for we girls back then Veronica.

She emphasised that it was administered in that strict, traditional and loving "don't spare the rod" context. This was of course, many years prior to PC already. She was fascinated to hear my similar (bare bottom) switchings from my mom in our Southern family in the 1960s. She said it did her good....a stinging botty is harmless Veronica. It did you and me both good Veronica.....and still does ! :-)
Nostalgic Traditional Strict Mommy Brenda xx