Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fantastic artwork!


Anonymous said...

Rival cheerleader spankings ,best spanks from ,Timx

Anonymous said...

The panties come down in our house Veronica !!
As a strict, loving mom, I like to get down to bare essentials when it comes to fetching my whippy, switchy-stick Veronica. I am a very strict, Ol' fashioned disciplinarian (much more so than my hubby) and I do not spare naughty bare botties Veronica ! Oh no I do not !

I was very strictly raised in Georgia in the 1960s and my mommy used to say that my bottom was "provided by God and Nature for punishment" (by my mom !) when I was naughty. And she meant in its bare state too. No wishy-washy, half-measures for sure. I quite agree Veronica !

When I was a naughty girl growing up back in the day, I would fear and feel the harsh smack of a flexible, rattan switch across my bare backside. My religious, strict, typically Southern mommy (Oh my, you know the type Veronica ) "did not spare the rod of correction" on my chubby, bare botty...on my tender "seat of learning".

And Oh my, it sure was "heat to the seat", Veronica. And it worked for years ! :-( Oh my Boo-Hoo !
And so I do not see why naughty lil' brats in my house (including you Veronica, young lady) should be treated any less appropriately Veronica !!!
Srtrict Mommy Brenda xx