Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hairbrush + Ass =


Robert Stephens said...

Beautiful as ever Veronica! Here's wishing you fireworks in your panties and a bottoms red glare.... Happy 4th of July...!
Warm Bottoms,

Anonymous said...

Love seeing you get your spankings in (and out of) your jammies

Njspank said...

Love this one and your PJs, nice and let's face it your bottom was made for the brush!

Dr. Ken said...

Hairbrush + Ass = a very happy Veronica!

Anonymous said...

Super scene, Veronica....jammies down for the hairbrush yum ! Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Hairbrush to bare botty - sure beats timeouts for naughty daughters !

Yes, Veronica, the hairbrush is "mommy's best friend". And a father's best friend too.
As naughty lil' ones back in the early 1960s, my lil' sisiter and me gotten to quickly learn that our father was strict like all the other fathers in our community-suburb and Church group.

He sure believed that naughty lil' daughters needed to have the fairest-white skin on their botties bare over the paternal knee for a sound spanking with the wooden hairbrush. And that's what we gotten Veronica. Hands on heads, jammies down and botties bare for the hairbrush ...and bath times of course !

But Veronica. My mother was much stricter than my father. And when we gotten older she was in charge of discipline. Father was away on business a lot, so mom took control . Gulp !
Oh my ! Things changed for the worse at age 8 when mother gotten a dreaded cane for our tender sit-upons ! It was a traditional, Southern, flexible, rattan switch. Mother had strong Christian faith (we girls had Church and Bible Classes regularly each week) and so this switch constituted a proper "rod of correction".

Wow ! In keeping with mom's strict religious, conservative,uncompromising views on social mores and family values, me and my sister gotten this cane on the sensitive skin of our bare bums throughout our childhoods. Never over clothes, sadly ! Oh my ! Our jammies , swimsuit bottoms, and mainly of course, our 1950s, white cotton underwear (those memorable conservative, large briefs-style knickers) gotten pulled down to our knees for a whuppin' with the spanky-stick. Usually in the living room, except at bed time obviously.

This was the mid-1960s, so bare bottom whippings were just normal for our princess peers in Atlanta. This whippy, thin cane - aka "hornets nest" - stung real bad on a bare botty. That was the idea ! We screamed a bunch. But it was harmless Veronica. Sure licked us into shape.

My mother was so right and always spanked with love and care. She did the right thing. I too raised my daughters with the Southern switch as a 1980s mother Veronica. Sure does the trick ! And yes before the cane arrived later, my girls gotten the hairbrush on their bare bottoms in their early years. Momma's best friend already !
Strict Mom Brenda xx