Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mothers of generations past


Anonymous said...

Mother's knew how to correct errant behavior in their children with both love and firm discipline.
Both girls and boys could easily find themselves over a mother's knee for a "bottom blistering", and whether it was on the bare or not, she always made her point!

This is not a retro spanking but realistic.

Anonymous said...

Yes big sound spanks for mummies little minxes ,best spanks,Timxx

Anonymous said...

You are so right Veronica - I blame it all on my Grandmother !

As a little girl (and a big girl too !) I have always traced both my spanking passion and my strict Southern upbringing back to my Grandma !

My mother was raised in the 1930s and early 1940s by her own very stern mom (and pop too). Harsh but loving discipline ruled their house. My mummy told me how a whippy, rattan cane was kept to tame her unruly behaviour and classic tantrums ( this cane was used instead of the equally widely used strap )And it was no surpise - but still scary - to hear how her Sothern Belle dresses would be raised and her underwear pulled down for a whuppin' with this dreaded switch. Of course, as we know, the tender pale botties of naughty little ten year-old princesses were not allowed protective coverings in those stern old-fashioned 1930s. That goes without saying -on bare bottom skins the cane was administered every time !! My Grandma also verified my mum's stories and recounted events, and she was always generally around in our house when we were little girls.

But Veronica - that very same harsh philosophy and method was exactly used by my mother 30 years later when punishing my sister and me in the 1960s and 1970s. Incredibly, not much had changed !! The 1970s had seen moonlandings and gadgets (the modern world) and yet in the conservative Atlanta suburbs, my sister and I got our panties pulled down without debate or exceptions; and the fairest bare skin on our botties soundy tanned with a similar, thin rattan switch-cane! We protested as our hands were on our head and our little cotton panties fell. And yes, we squealed so loudly with the terrible sting on exposed, sensitive-skinned botties but my mother was uncompromising and not moved !!

A stinging bottom did no harm. And indeed we forget that such punishment was considered routine and normal by my traditional parents at that time. Just a vital part of family life. This was conventional wisdom in the community too - times have changed Veronica.

Out mummies casually talked about smacked bottoms like we now talk about the economy ! Rather weird but very cute looking back. It was the harsh but iconinc, golden age of "the little deer with the bear behind" and it all started way back in the 1930s when my mother had her bare bottom smacked hard with that thin, whippy cane by Grandma ! Brenda x