Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Animation is soooo cute Veronica, but I think the correct procedure for this naughty lil' daughter, is for her to stand still already, with hands on her head, while her strict, loving mom takes hold of the waistband of her jammies and pulls them down to her knees, without ceremony. Mommy has passed sentence - calm, formal, maternal scolding.

Mother then takes daughter over her knee and administers a good, sound spanking on the bare skin of her bottom. Naughty daughters gotten the stern, kind, message and guidance Veronica !
After spanking, mom then pulls the PJs back up over a red behind (while crying daughter is standing and gotten hands on her head again) and gives her a hug before drawing the curtains and sending her to bed

Better still Veronica, a thin, flexible rattan switch applied to her sensitive bare botty will sure get the lesson understood Veronica !! Oh my, Southern style !! That is exactly how my lil' sister and me gotten punished by our mother back in the 1960s in Georgia. This was twenty five years or more before PC. Dad was away. Mother got really mad and her short temper and kind, strict, religious, family values meant our tender bare white bums paid the price with that nasty lil' cane ! Did no harm . And sure did we daughters good Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx