Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

The 2 girls get sound spankings from the other girls ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Gonna get a switchin'.Oucheeeees!

Veronica, cartoon one depicts a Southern tradition for naughty daughters which was common during my upbringing in Georgia - "go cut a switch young lady". Such scary discipline was dished out to my friends...but not to me !
But alas Veronica, I didn't escape a good smacked bottom when I was naughty. Oh no, this was the 1960s and so "sparing the rod" was not in fashion !
But for sister and me, the "rod" was not a hickory switch from the garden, but a similarly whippy, lil', thin, bendy, rattan cane that lived in the downstairs cupboard.
Yes it was a "switch". But this was a permanent switch Veronica. And it was sadly far too handy (and ferociously stingy) and readily accessible when my mother was very cross! No need to fetch a "botty smacker" from the garden Veronica. The nasty lil' rattan cane provided quicker, instant maternal justice to be administered spontaneously. And indeed, just as my mommy had been raised in the 1930s

Mom believed that God and Nature had provided a special place for strict, loving mommies to meter out fair and appropriate punishment. Oh my, such a typically Southern thing for my mommy to say in those cute, conservative times...(sadly not the naughty step in those days of yore either !! Boo-Hoo)

And so when mommy fetched the dreaded switch Veronica, she always pulled down our panties, so that the bare, sensitive, skin- softer and fairer than the finest white Georgia cotton- covering that special place (my poor unprotected botty) would feel the full intended sting of the rattan ! Punishment was harsh but safe. And the message got through. No half measures from mommy. And no need to cut a switch Veronica. But oh my, I love our Southern ol' fashioned traditions all the same!
Naughty Lil' Princess Brenda xx