Thursday, July 10, 2014

You decide

I just sassed the hell out of you!!! Now you decide what the consequence should be???


Anonymous said...

A OTK hand spanking followed by a long and thorough hairbrush spanking on your delectable bare bottom. But the last part of your punishment would be something you really don't like. It might be a belting with your upturned bottom laying across pillows, or even worse it might be a caning! The result would be you with a very sore bottom and your very vocal pleas, that you would never sass me again. (That is of course until the next time and in your case naughty girl; I'm sure there would be a next time!)

Njspank said...

Long hard panty spanking followed by long hard hand bare bottom!

Anonymous said...

Hard spanking

Enzo said...

A spanking and a rectal temp check to see if you are feeling OK to keep acting up like you do!

Thanks for all your posts!

Anonymous said...

Veronica ,well young lady it has to be sound bare botties spanking otks of course ,love and spanks,Timx

Dr. Ken said...

Veronica--do you really need to ask???

Anonymous said...

A delicious thought Veronica ;-) my hubby probably has ideas & we have slippers, straps, hairbrushes aplenty:-)

I remember first telling my hubby how I was very strictly raised, so maybe my mummy's discipline would suit you now Veronica ?

You would be led into the living room and before bending over the armchair , your cotton panties would be pulled down to your knees (not ankles usually) and your pretty, red, linen dress lifted and neatly tucked around your waist. It was very formal and precise Veronica !

With your tender, fair -skinned botty completely bare , the sting of the cane is ridiculously raw & untamed !! ..and your pale, velvety skin on your tender backside and your crying face will perfectly match your summer dress. Yes, "nasty" discomfort, but I must stress it was totally harmless. My mum was a careful expert !! And s stinging bum does no harm !

That's how my mummy punished me and my younger sister back in the day!!.....but the message still gets through today, Veronica ha-ha ;-) hugs, Brenda x