Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Consequence for skinny dipping.


Anonymous said...

He warned his niece, and now she was about to find out how much worse a wet bottom spanking will be. The hand will be preliminary but the mahogany hairbrush will drive the point home. (At least that is what her Uncle thought. In truth his naughty niece had planned this scenario!)

Anonymous said...

Veronica...the Coppertone girl got het bare, white bottom tanned...strict times :-)
My hubby loves my tan lines. And I love my tan lines - always partial to a visit from a nasty flip flop teehee. This cutey, like many Friday Spankables, has that sexy, all over golden look. But whereas my torso is browner and deeper tanned - my beach ball bum is fairest white ! I am the Coppertone cutey. And always have been!
Growing up in conservative Georgia in the 1960s and 70s, my diary notes, drawings and photo albums show that little princesses like me wore sensible modest bikinis which coveted our chubby bums entirely. Hence the Coppertone phenomenon: I was as brown as a berry, but my soft botty was as white as snow !
This was not lost on my younger sister or my mother at bath times (fun !) but sadly also when we were naughty and needed a smacked bottom. ( not fun !)
I vividly remember my sister with hands on her head having her shorts and panties pulled down by mom, uncovering the most sensitive, fairest skinned botty in the State of Georgia (ok second to mine haha) poor sister's bare unprotected bot was then set on fire with the switch cane. No half measures in the early 1970s in our house ..or in many of my friends' houses either
I always felt the tan lines wildly accentuated our tender, snow white bums against our golden brown bodies. It seemed a dramatic spectacle in summer...and traumatic too. My sister thinks I'm a little "obsessed" with tan lines - but we all have our special experiences and spanko details Veronica. For me, boohoo... fairest white tender bare backsides about to turn tomato red with a rattan switch is a compelling and defining image of my upbringing. So yes, both this naughty missy in the photo and yours truly...the Coppertone cutey girl got her bare white botty tanned for sure ! Brenda x