Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Can you handle a Southern girl?


Robert Stephens said...

With my northern hairbrush across her most southern region......

Anonymous said...

Yes I can Veronica...Oucheeees to botties
Hands on head. Cutey shorts to knees. Lil' pair of cotton panties to knees. Flexible rattan switch to bare botty. Ignore princess protests, she will soon be wailing. After a strict, loving, harmless, Ol' fashioned whuppin' and when the sensitive, alabaster-white skin on her backside matches her scarelt sneakers !. Pull up panties and shorts. Big hugs. And send her to her room.
Best indoors in my book....but outdoors if need be. The neighbours wil hear and accept it either wway. Good Ol' Southern style Veronica.

My mother taught me this strict, loving routine in the 1960s. Oh my, it was a fundamental fact of lfe in our house...and I learned to do the Ouchy Dance myself boo-hoo. And my grandmother taught my mother this harsh routine when she was a naughty lil' girl (in the 1930s/40s)
I saw my lil' sister get this switchin' routine from mother many times, seeing her lily-white botty going red. So mch crying. It was quite "traumatic" Veronica, but of course, necessary. And common in the suburban community back then.

Dad was away and we girls were a handful ! The dreaded rattan Ouchy stick (whippy switch) lived in the cupboard ...and after my sister got smpanked, depending on my behaviour, sometimes my lil' panties would have to come down to follow suit, and sometimes not, if I had not been naughty. As lil' daughters in Georgia, We had outdoor lives, sports, books, school work and faith...and spankings ! Life was strict and simple Veronica.

Veronica, my husband is from the North West. When we met many years ago, he was intrigued by my traditional Southern views, experiences and my strict Southern family upbringing. His spanking enthusiasm was based on fantasy, whereas mine was grouded in my own reality of growing up in 1960s Georgia . When it was time to set up our own homestead....he had to learn quick Veronica. My strict, loving Ol' fashioned, Southern mommy ways prevail for sure Veronica !!!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx