Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons


Anonymous said...

Spanked botties for all the girls ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Strict, loving mommies mean business Veronica - flexible, stingy switch to naughty bottoms !
Just one minor detail Veronica: in our traditional house, the panties come down !!!

This is how I was raised Veronica, with the flexible, rattan switch. A nasty, lil' whippy nursery cane for naughty eight year-old daughters !
....designed for the bare botty too ! This was the 1960s :-(

With her traditional faith and family values, my mommy said that in the privacy of our own loving home, there was no reason why my lil' white, cotton panties should not be pulled down for punishment ! And bare-bum was the way she always felt the cane from Grandma too (30 years earlier).
So in her book "not sparing the rod" meant a whuppin' on bare skin ! My backside was meant to sting. And so with the flexible, rattan switch flicking my sensitive, lily-white bare botty....oh my, it sure did Veronica ! And it does no harm either !
Brenda xx